When Grace came to Bridge of Hope Harrisburg Area her living situation changed drastically and suddenly. She and her daughter were stable when a sudden crisis occurred and they were forced to move from their stable home within 1 month. Grace had no money saved to move and was living paycheck to paycheck. What support she was receiving was taken away. She was struggling to keep her car and was working a lot of hours for very low wages.

Grace described “home” to be a safe, comfortable place full of love and positivity. She worked very hard while in the Bridge of Hope Harrisburg Area program and graduated in August of 2018 with a stable job she loved that ministered both emotionally and physically to others. She established herself as a strong dedicated worker at her place of employment and was offered extra shifts because of her efforts.

Grace was married just before she graduated and was living in a stable home with a good job and strong Neighboring relationships. We are proud of Grace’s hard work and commend her on a job well done! Grace herself said this, “After the storm, there is a rainbow. Bridge of Hope is that rainbow. Thank you so much for everything!”