Frequently Asked Questions

How much of my donation will actually go to support the family I choose?

100% of your donation goes directly toward the cost of rental assistance for the family you choose. 

How do I donate to support a family?

Simply click on any family's picture or the button below the picture. When their story page opens, click on the "House This Family" button to enter your payment information and process your transaction. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at #717-839-7077.

Why can't I see the levels of support for each family thus far?

Funding levels for each family will not be posted on the website due to the visibility of this information by the families currently being served by our program. If you would like to know the specific funding amounts received for a particular family or to find out if a family has been completely funded, you may contact the office at #717-839-7077.

What happens if the family I choose to support is already fully funded?

Bridge of Hope Harrisburg Area will automatically designate your funding to another family in need of rental assistance; however, you will receive updates on the original family you chose unless you request otherwise.

Will I be able to receive updates on the family I choose to support?

Yes! We want you to stay connected with the family you support. We will send you monthly updates and a welcome packet (including a picture of the family you have chosen and their story) via email or snail mail (if you specifically request this method of communication). You can indicate your communication preferences in the comments box just before you process your transaction or by calling us at #717-839-7077. 

where's my update? 

If you haven't been receiving your updates via email, please check you spam folder. There is a possibility that your updates are being flagged as spam by your account. To avoid this situation, please save the sending address to your contacts and mark the email as "safe" or "not spam". If you have further questions or concerns about your updates, please feel free to contact the office at 717-839-7077. 

How does Bridge of Hope Harrisburg Area determine the funding levels?

Actual monthly rent cost varies per family based on the specific needs of that family. The $25.00 listed amount for daily rent is an estimate of what will be spent on each family for rental assistance per day. All other incremental estimates are based off of the $25.00 per day cost. 

How does Bridge of Hope Harrisburg Area protect the privacy of their families?

Bridge of Hope Harrisburg Area takes the protection of family privacy very seriously. For that reason, all names have been changed and any photographs of actual persons are not of the current participant. We take these measures in order to protect the confidentiality and safety of each family member. Each family story, however, is obtained directly from the families themselves and truthfully relay to you what each family wishes to share with Bridge of Hope Harrisburg Area supporters. 

how can I make a general donation to Bridge of Hope Harrisburg Area without supporting a family?

To make a general donation to Bridge of Hope Harrisburg Area without supporting a family, you can visit our main website at and click the "Donate Now" button at the top of the page. 

Where can I get a copy of the Most recent financial Audit for Bridge of Hope Harrisburg Area?

Bridge of Hope Harrisburg Area takes public accountability very seriously and recognizes the importance of transparency.  Please visit our main website at where you will find a copy of the most recent financial audit from the past fiscal year. 

Bridge of Hope Harrisburg Area is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization - donations of which are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. As required by the PA Solicitation of Funds for Charitable Purposes Act, a copy of the official registration and financial information for Bridge of Hope Harrisburg Area may be obtained from the PA Dept. of State by calling #800-732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement. 

Who can I contact if I want to request a speaker or have more questions?

Schedule an appointment with Johanna Fessenden, Executive Director, HERE

Please contact the office at # 717-839-7077 or complete the contact form below for all other requests and someone will connect with you shortly.

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