Meet Camilla

Before Bridge of Hope Harrisburg Area, Camilla had nothing. She needed a job to provide a safe place for her children to live. They lived in a area with the highest crime rate. They were near homelessness. Camilla relayed that she had poor money management skills and needed healing both spiritual and emotionally. She had no support network.

When first asked what home meant to her, Camilla replied, “Where my children and I are comfortable, warm and safe. It is welcoming!” Camilla relayed that the saying, “Tough times don’t last; tough people do” inspires her. She believes that the word “structure” best describes her family’s greatest strength and that “fun” best describes her family’s personality.

Camilla graduated in May 2016 with stable employment and a safe place to live. She and her children have a home that Camilla was able furnish providing safety and comfort for all of them. Camilla graduated debt free and with job security. She took on certificate programs offered through her place of employment that will provide advancement in her career. We are so proud of Camilla's hard work and success. Congratulations, Camilla! We are thankful for the opportunity to have walked with you through this journey.