Meet Alicia

Before she joined the Bridge of Hope Harrisburg Area program, Alicia’s life was hard. If she had a job, she had to have a car and then couldn’t afford to pay her rent. When she did pay her rent, she couldn’t afford to have a car to drive to work. Alicia had to make the choice of being homeless or jobless. She also struggled with legal difficulties, relational struggles and never enough money to survive.

When first asked what inspired her Alicia said, “My Family Resource Coordinator for Bridge of Hope Harrisburg Area makes me feel better about life. She inspires me to feel like life is do-able, like I am doing a good job. That’s what I feel like when she is around.” Alicia described her family as, “Survivalists and crazy.”

Alicia graduated in November 2016. She is successfully pursing her degree in Early Childhood Education and holding down a full-time job which is providing for her family. Alicia is stable, able to provide stability for her children and a home where they are all comfortable being the crazy, fun bunch that best describes their family unit. Congratulations, Alicia! We are incredibly proud of your success!